Brain Potential

In Full Bloom offers tips for healthy brain potential

In philosopher Ilchi Lee's book In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging, he discusses how techniques to control the brain may help individuals to remain lucid, flexible and enlightened as they age and go through personal development. 

In the introduction section of the book, Lee offers five tips that people should follow for optimal brain health.

Regular, brisk exercise has the power to stimulate blood flow to the brain. Lee recommends 30 minutes of invigorating exercise at least three times per week. Adding strength training to cardiovascular exercise may promote brain energy as muscle function is improved.

Lee also says it's a good idea for people to weed out stressors in their lives, since anxiety produces cortisol which may wear down the brain's potential for memory.

Sleep deprivation may lead to impaired cognitive function and possibly cause long-term health issues. Lee recommends that people get at least eight hours of sleep per night to stave off age-related mental disability.

Since rises in glucose levels and fat deposits may damage delicate brain tissue, Lee says that people should limit their calorie and fat intake to control weight and maintain mental and cardiovascular health.

Finally, Lee encourages people to challenge their brains with new tasks or exercises to keep a strong mental state. Learning a new thing or trying to write with the opposite of a dominant hand may help create new neural pathways and strengthen brain potential. 

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